De Redvers Road (2 homes)



Project overview

Our client, a builder, had purchased a large site with the hope of demolishing the existing house and building two new contemporary dwellings. The client builds very high-quality homes to sell and we have worked together before, therefore we knew when to he came to us he would be looking for two modern homes that gave him quality end product to put on the market.

As a construction professional, our client understands the whole process and gave a very clear brief of what he wanted to achieve on the site. The site was large and being located between two roads offered the possibility of a road frontage for each house. The interesting aspect of the site was it’s topography, as there was a large change in levels across the length of the site. For us, this offered us an opportunity to create two dramatic contemporary houses that embraced this challenging topography.


Key design features

We always seek to understand the needs of our clients and in this case, we were acutely aware that we were creating an end product that will be sold into the market. The dwellings, therefore, needed to appeal to a wide audience but still distinctive, in as much as the end product differentiates itself from the other products on the market. The site, the context and the need for the houses to have an open outlook informed the articulation of the houses. The end result was a two carefully orchestrated designs that responded to the site and gave the client two distinctive modern homes.

The materials chosen for these dwellings was informed by a number of factors, however, a natural palette of stone and timber cladding was chosen by our client. We sought to articulate these materials to give the dwellings an individual and modern look. We feel that natural material always give a building character and a textural richness.


Project achievement

Every project is a journey. The planning on the site was challenging and the logistics of building the houses on a steep site was demanding, however, the end product was two distinctive homes. Our client was very happy with the two new homes we had designed for him and it was a great pleasure for us to be involved with a client that understands the challenges and appreciates the efforts of a dedicated team.