Residential Development


How We Work

We have a wealth of experience in residential development and can assist at every stage of the development process. We can undertake initial feasibility evaluations, development viability appraisals and offer detailed strategic planning advice to ensure that the best possible permission is achieved. We are able to offer expert guidance on a variety of construction methods and can call on a multitude of specialist consultants to assist with projects of any size.

Getting Started


We offer an efficient and dedicated service to our development clients. We understand the intricacies of the development process and we aim to provide our clients with a tailored service to meet their requirements. We recognise the fact that the end product needs to appeal to the market and ultimately needs to sell. Our expertise and understating of the market, married with our creative approach to residential design enables us to deliver a bespoke service and high-quality end product.

We can undertake the full package from conception through to completion or similarly we can assist with any particular stage of your project.

Stage 1 Feasibility

We appraise the site, its context, the constraints, and relevant planning policy to enable us to gain a full understanding of the opportunities of the site. We will explore a variety of feasibility appraisals to ensure the site is optimised.

Stage 2 Concept design

We will review the development options to maximise the marketability of the site and undertake a strategic planning assessment with our clients. The preferred design option is developed into a fully developed concept design. We regularly work with a wide range of specialist consultants and are able to call on the relevant expert when it is required on a project.

Stage 3 Planning application

We are experts in navigating the planning system and recognise that a proactive approach to LPA negotiations is essential in securing the best permissions. Our success rate in achieving planning permission on challenging sites is very good and is a testament to our creative solution orientated approach.

Stage 4 Technical design

Depending on the client's requirements we can offer a basic building regulations package, through to a fully detailed working drawings pack.

Stage 5 Construction

We like to be involved throughout the construction process however we understand that our involvement may only be required intermittently. We can attend site if required for specific queries or ad hoc meetings, or similar we are happy to undertake regular site inspections.

Stage 6 Handover & Close out

We can assist as required for this stage, such as providing ‘As constructed’ Information for the project.