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How We Work

There are many people involved in constructing a good building but fundamentally there is the key triumvirate of the client, the architect, and the builder. The communication and participation of all three are vital to the success of a project. We take time to understand the client’s requirements and to create a well-considered building that responds to the needs and desires of our clients. We also understand the practical requirements of the builder and craftsmen that will ultimately have to build the home. We like to be involved from the beginning to the end of a project, and enjoy working with people with shared values and the drive to create something special.

The process of building your own home or extension can be extremely rewarding but it can also be stressful. Our expertise and knowledge enable you to enjoy the journey. We can offer the full range of professional architectural services to ensure that every aspect of the project is considered and delivered.

We offer a personal and tailored design service. Every project we undertake is unique and it is, therefore, necessary to respond to the exact requirements of our clients. We offer a completely tailored service that is flexible to adapt to the needs of the project. We can undertake the full design package from conception through to completion or similarly we can assist with any particular aspect of your project.

This process is encapsulated within the RIBA Plan of Work. This provides a simple benchmark system that includes the core architectural services of a project.

Getting started


If you are interested in working with us we are always happy to talk about a new project.

If you would like to call us to discuss your project we can get a basic understanding of your requirements over the phone but a site visit is often more informative as this allows us to get a feel for the site and its surroundings.

For this initial stage, we offer a free consultation in our studio or a fixed fee to be agreed for a site visit (dependant on location). We will often discuss the whole process with you in detail so that you can understand how we can assist you with your project. Before we proceed with a project we will always compile a fee proposal letter that clearly indicates the services that you wish us to undertake.

Stage 1


This is a vital stage of any project. Our ultimate aim is to realise your vision and this process is a distillation of your needs and aspirations into two key documents: A brief and a sketch. This process sounds simple but is quite often the most challenging. However, it is also the most exciting as it is the start of the journey. We take time to carefully draft your requirements into a brief for the project and we undertake a clear analytical review of the possible design options.

Stage 2

Concept design

After a review of the brief and the feasibility sketches, we would discuss the route forward with you. The design process is collaborative and requires the participation of a number of skilled professionals. We work with a great team of consultants that assist us with all our projects. We will discuss your specific requirements for your project and organise the relevant fee proposals from the relevant companies.

The initial design ideas in their embryonic stage are organic and will evolve and develop through the journey. At this stage, the ideas considered in the feasibility will be refined into a more enhanced concept design. At this stage, we introduce our virtual reality platform to start to bring your dream to life.

Stage 3

Planning application

We would present a final concept design to you and seek your approval to ensure that the design meets your detailed requirements prior to progressing with this stage. It is only once you are completely satisfied that the design meets all your criteria that we develop the detailed planning application drawings. We have an extremely high approval rate with our planning applications. Our understanding of planning policy and willingness to maintain clear communication with the relevant Local Planning Authority are key to our success.

Stage 4

Technical design

At this stage, our focus is on how the building will be constructed. We have a detailed understanding of a vast range of construction methods and we work with a skilled team of specialist consultants and suppliers to deliver a fully comprehensive package of construction information. We will advise on the specialists we will need to assist us on the project depending on the requirements of the project. The objectives at this stage are to compile and submit the set of building regulations drawings for approval and finalise the construction information in readiness to tender for pricing.

Stage 5


We like to be involved throughout the construction process however we understand that we need to be flexible to the needs of our clients. We, therefore, offer two distinct services at this stage:

5a - Site Inspections
We would regularly attend site for the duration of the project to ensure that the building is being constructed in accordance with our drawings.

5b - Site Assistance
If we are not undertaking regular site inspections we can respond to queries from either yourself or the builder. We can attend site as well if required for specific queries or ad hoc meetings.

Stage 6

Handover & Close out

This stage defines the end of the construction journey but the beginning of being able to enjoy your newly created home. This formally concludes the end of your contract with the builder and we would compile ‘As constructed’ Information of the project.

Stage 7

In use

We undertake a post-occupancy evaluation which would be at six and twelve months after the completion of the building. This process is to monitor the performance of the building. We design buildings for people to live in and enjoy, and feedback from our clients is a key part of the whole process.