February 14, 2019

Embrace a new reality

By Toby Peters

At EMPERY+CO we enjoy creating buildings that delight our clients, but one of the challenges that some of our clients experience is visualising the new space from two-dimensional drawings. We have invested in virtual reality technology that allows our clients to experience their new homes in our virtual reality platform before any building work has commenced.

Our virtual reality platform allows our clients to immerse themselves in their new homes and walk around every computer generated room. Our VR headsets use stereoscopic vision to create a sense of depth that enhances the effect and feeling of space. This realistic vision of the space offers huge benefits in allowing our clients to understand their new homes, the effect of light and fundamentally how they intend to use the space. The VR experience whilst being hugely enjoyable and immersive enables a more informed decision-making process that ultimately ensures a more refined design.